85% Payout on Your Direct Sales

We are excited to announce that as of November 1, 2021 MV Stars will be able to unlock an 85% PAYOUT on their vids, store items, vid memberships, custom vids, tips, contest votes, MV Live token tips & services by having their fans purchase directly from their custom profile links.

Please note that this initiative is currently a work in progress and technical details will be updated as it is implemented.

What is a custom profile link?

Your custom profile link (also commonly referred to as a short-link) follows this format: stagename.manyvids.com. 

How will I activate the 85% payout?

Here's how it works:

  1. Share your custom profile link externally with your fans on adult-friendly social media platforms such as Twitter and more (outside ManyVids)
  2. Member uses your link to come to ManyVids from ANY external source
  3. Member makes a purchase from you or tips you tokens during that session, you get 85%

What types of purchases are eligible?

All your sales from a Member, including token tips, will be activated for 85% payout when that Member came to the site via your custom profile link, for the duration of that Member's session.

How long will this promotion be offered?

This offer is permanent! :)

Will I be able to see if a purchaser used my custom profile link for that session?

We are investigating how we will make the traffic to your profile transparent and easy to track, so that you will have full visibility on who is using your custom profile link. More details to follow.

Can I post my custom profile link on MV Social to activate the 85% payout?

Only Members who navigate to ManyVids from an external source, using your custom profile link, will be activated for the 85% payout.

My custom profile link isn't working, what do I do?

Please send an email to help@manyvids.com to let us know and we will have our technical team help you out!

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