How do I Live Chat with MV Support?
Use our Live Chat option when: you need immediate assistance, want to update your payment information or delete your account.
What are the Upload Rules on MV?
Make sure your vid is compliant by checking out our Upload Rules.
What are the "Forbidden Words" on MV?
Make sure you aren't using any words forbidden on MV by checking here!
How do I pin Vids and/or Store Items to the top of my profile?
Show off your top sellers, at the top of your store!
I can't fulfill/deliver an order. How do I refund a customer?
Looking to cancel an order? Look no further!
How can I get some MV Gear?
Represent MV with our official merchandise!
How do I report a Member or MV Star for abuse/ harassment?
Please let us know if you are experience abuse or harassment!
Where can I go for emotional support? (Pineapple Support)
For those times when you just need someone to listen.
How do I report a Vid, Private message, MV Social Post or MV Profile?
Want to bring something to the attention of our MV Support Team?
I need a comment or review removed from my Vid or Store Item
Leave it to us to clean up any unwanted reviews or comments!
How do I download the MV Co-Model Agreement?
You can download ManyVids' model agreement form via your pathing. Just follow these easy steps: Drop-down menu>My MV>Settings>MV Co-Model Agreement. Or, click here to go directly to the form.   ...
How do I see who voted for me in a contest?
Find out who your real fans are!
What is MV Social?
The official ManyVids profile!
How many Members and MV Stars are registered to MV?
ManyVids  is a  fast-growing  platform that currently has over 3.6M active and registered Members.   At MV, we are happy to welcome new content creators, adding to our 100,000+ already registered MV Stars. ...
What Vid categories and fetishes are available on MV?
Get found under the right categories!
Why do some Vids have an extreme content warning?
Making sure you don't need to see the most extreme content if you don't want to!
What happens if my vid gets flagged/reported?
Make sure your content remains compliant with our site rules to avoid any issue.
How can I win an MV Top Earners contest?
We're giving away cash prizes every month!
How are my Vids and information kept safe?
We're actively protecting your information!
I'm making a lot of adult content with nudity; won’t I be censored?
Because many sites are overly censorious when it comes to adult content and adult creators. We recommend doing some research first and see what platforms you might thrive on. A fun and safe for work on the more restrictive platforms is a great way ...
What are the minimum and maximum prices I can charge on MV?
You're worth it!
How do I win a "Winning Wednesday" contest?
Celebrate Hump Day in Style!
How do I share feedback with ManyVids?
Have a great suggestion for the site? Send us your ideas using our Feedback form!
What is ManyVids?
Get to know what ManyVids is all about here!
Who can use ManyVids?
Is ManyVids the right platform for me? Our platform enables you to achieve success and become your OWN boss. If being an entrepreneur is your goal, you're in the right place.
How will ManyVids help me achieve my dreams?
Here at ManyVids, we take our vision a step further by ensuring that we maintain a supportive community to help you reach your dreams.
Is ManyVids right for me?
ManyVids is for everyone and we're proud to be an inclusive online community!
How can I use the tools & features on MV to build my career?
We have the latest cutting edge tools to help online content creators monetize their content!
How does verification work?
Want to know how to get verified as an MV Star?
Do I have to go out and buy a bunch of fancy equipment?
Unsure of what equipment you need to start filming content, we've got it covered here!
What do I need to know to shoot content with my phone?
Tips for filming with your smart phone!
Do I have to buy a new phone to shoot with or a computer to edit with?
If you have a very old smartphone or no smartphone and you want to watch your budget then a used or refurbished phone should work great, try to get a model that came out in the last 16 months and check the camera specs before buying it.   ...
Can I film using a desktop computer or laptop?
Useful tips for those MV Stars who want to film content with a desktop or laptop.
Should I think about buying a camera?
Investing in a camera can be a great career move. You don’t need it to get started, but you can always start shooting on a phone and reinvest your earnings to upgrade to a better camera. You can get a decent camera to film your vids in the ra...
Tips for lighting and audio
These too are important aspects of creating successful content! And truly, to achieve the best result, you need to consider lighting. You can shoot close to window taking advantage of the natural light, but getting lighting gear to have more contro...
What advice do you have for editing?
Again, you can edit on a phone or tablet but if you have a relatively fast computer you may want to use that for editing your masterpiece: To do so you must transfer the vid files from your cellphone or camera to your computer and load them into th...
Is there anything else I should consider when filming my content?
Yes, we have a few tips that apply to any shoot. The first is to try to stabilize your shot using a tripod or placing your cellphone or camera on a solid surface like a table. Next is to be always be careful of your framing: avoid crooked framing a...
Does ManyVids set a price for my vids?
As you know by now, on  ManyVids  you always have full control over your content, and you can sell whatever you believe your vid is worth! MV Stars can charge a minimum of $3.99 per vid up to a maximum of $999.99 per vid. And, of course...
I want to get the pricing just right; do you have any tips?
A few tips for setting your vid pricing!
Should all my vids be in the same price range?
How to set a price range for your vids.
Once I set the price for a vid is it locked in?
Once I set my vid price, can I change it at a later stage?
What is a clip site?
ManyVids is an e-commerce platform that allows you to sell products and services to your customers!
What is a fan site?
A fan site is a private channel where influencers frequently post content, and fans pay a monthly subscription fee to view your feed. Something similar would be paying a monthly subscription to access an influencer's Snapchat or Instagram. &nb...
Is ManyVids a clip site or fan site?
ManyVids  is both due to the services we offer, that’s one of the numerous aspects of the MV ecosystem which makes us a powerful platform. As a creator, you have access to all the tools you need to reach your career goals!   Th...
Is ManyVids a platform for only adult content?
Absolutely not!  ManyVids  is a platform where anyone can share their passions with the world, find a large audience, and easily monetize their content. We think adult entertainment is a beautiful reflection of sexuality and what it mea...
How long should my vids be?
The length of vids will always vary from one MV Star to another – but vids can range anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour or more depending on the type of content you want to create & how much you want to offer. It’s always best to try ...
What types of content can I put on ManyVids?
The quick answer is whatever you want! Your genius and talent will always be appreciated here! We welcome encourage vids of any genre for all types of creators. On MV adult entertainment can be found next to vlogs, makeup tutorial, fitness vids. Se...
What kind of “SFW” content can I upload?
The only limit is your imagination! Vlogs, cooking shows, fitness tutorials, music vids, short films, unboxing vids, ASMR, story readings, hula-hooping, singing, dancing, as long as it doesn’t violate our Terms of Service, and does not contai...
Does my “SFW” content have to be free?
It’s up to you! You can easily monetize your safe-for-work content and your talents by selling vids, using the MV Fanclub feature, or broadcasting in real time on MV LIVE! Of course,  it’s always a good idea to have free offerings,...
What should a successful MV Profile have?
There’s a lot you can do to optimize your MV  Profile  but the good news is, setting it up is fun!  First, upload a great pic of yourself as your Avatar & Profile pic. An avatar is the small circular image that is disp...
Can I upload multiple vids at once?
Wanna save time by uploading at the same time? Click to see if that's possible on ManyVids!
How will my fans know I just uploaded a Vid?
Promoting your vids on MV Social is an essential step to make more sales on ManyVids!
Can I tag my content so people can find it easily?
Tag your images and vids to help users find your content!
Is MV only for paid vids? Do I have to sell everything I upload?
It doesn’t matter if your vids are 1 minute or 1 hour long, or if they  cost $1.99 or $999.99 , you are always in control of your content and your prices just like you are in control of your career and your choices!     &nb...
What is my MV Store?
Learn all about the MV Store here!
Is there Social Media where my adult creative content WILL NOT be censored?
YES! We’re happy you asked!  ManyVids  integrates our own social media service,  MV Social , that offers many of the same functionalities as the other social media platforms that you love without the added stress of being...
What is ManyVids' Vision & Mission?
ManyVids  is committed to creating an accessible community for all MV Stars and Members to connect freely and authentically.    Vision: To create a judgement-free online ecosystem where all types of creators can support themsel...
How do I win a contest on MV?
Want to increase your chances of winning an MV Contest? We have a few tips to help you make it! Stick to the theme Most contests on MV are themed contests, so making sure your photo follows the theme not only makes the contest more fun for eve...

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