How do I Live Chat with MV Support?
For when you need immediate assistance.
How do I get my New Cummer badge?
How to obtain New Cummer Status and your New Cummer Badge on ManyVids.
What are the Upload Rules on MV?
Make sure your vid is compliant by checking out our Upload Rules.
What are the "Forbidden Words" on MV?
Make sure you aren't using any words forbidden on MV by checking here!
What are my custom profile URL's?
A personalized URL that links directly to your profile!
How do I pin Vids and/or Store Items to the top of my profile?
Show off your top sellers, at the top of your store!
What are "My Top Vid Tags" in my About section?
Find out how your Top Tags effect you!
I can't fulfill/deliver an order. How do I refund a customer?
Looking to refund an order? Look no further!
How can I get some MV Gear?
Rep MV with our official merch!
How do I report a Member or MV Star for abuse/ harassment?
Please let us know if you are experience abuse or harassment!
Where can I got for emotional support? (Pineapple Support)
For those times when you just need someone to listen.
How do I report a Vid, Private message, MV Post or MV Profile?
Want to bring something to the attention of our Support Team? Details inside.
I need a comment or review removed from my Vid or Store Item
Leave it to us to clean up any unwanted reviews or comments!
How do I see who voted for me in a contest?
Find out who your real fans are!
How do I download the MV Co-Model Agreement?
You can download ManyVids' model agreement form via your pathing. Just follow these easy steps: Drop-down menu>My MV>Settings>MV Co-Model Agreement. Or, click here to go directly to the form.     ...
How do I create and send an MV Link?
Made a promise or want to show some love? Give an MV Link!
What Vid categories and fetishes are available on MV?
Get found under the right categories!
How do I download my own vids from MV?
Are you looking for a way to download your own vids from MV?
Why do some Vids have an extreme content warning?
Making sure you don't need to see the most extreme content if you don't want to!
What happens if my vid gets flagged/reported?
Make sure your content remains compliant with our site rules to avoid any issue.
How can I win an MV Top Earners contest?
We're giving away cash prizes every month!
How are my Vids and information kept safe?
We're actively protecting your information!
What are the minimum and maximum prices I can charge on MV?
You're worth it!
How do I win a "Winning Wednesday" contest?
Celebrate Hump Day in Style!