Apply to get a RevShare link!

Get paid for referring new Creators to our site through our MV Partner program. 

All you need to do to become an affiliate of MV is to contact us directly at using the email attached to your account and let us know you want to join the MV Partner program! (If you're a Member wanting to join the program, you can see the info we'll need below.)

Any future Creators who sign up with that link, you will make 5% on the majority their sales!*

You will be able to set up a payment method by going to your:

  1. Drop-down menu
  2. Settings 
  3. Payment Method

For more information on how payout works on MV, check out our article Payout Information.

If you're an MV Member, we'll need the following before we can approve your application:

  • Who you plan to refer to the site (who's your target audience?)
  • How you will promote their affiliate link (where you'll promote it, the channels you'll use, etc.)
  • How many referrals you expect to bring to the site (a rough estimate traffic and conversion rates)

    *RevShare applies only on certain sales such as vid sales  and does not include the following: Custom Vids, Make it Rain/ Tribute Me, Paid Contest Votes, Tokens, Special Promotions, Pay To Open VIP FanClub Messages, or booking fees for photo/video shoots. 

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