How can I record my MV Live shows?

MV Live has a recording function built into the platform!

Once you are Live, click the <Record> switch in the bottom right corner of your live feed. Once you turn off the recording option, if you recorded for over 1 minute, the file will automatically show up in your vid uploader (drop-down menu > Manage My Store > Upload Vid) for you to add the details such as title, price, etc. You can even download the vid for use elsewhere, or to be edited before posting!

Important facts about live recordings:

  • You can turn the Record option on/off as often as you want. Every time you turn it off or on it will create a new vid file! 
  • The recording must be at least 1 minute long in order to be saved
  • The maximum duration of each recorded vid is 1 hour. Once you surpass the 1-hour, the system will automatically create a new vid file and continue recording the remainder of your stream as a new separate file (labelled with the date/time for easy access)
  • Chat, Animations and sounds will not be included in the recording
  • Going private will turn off the recording, so if you wish to record your private session, make sure to hit record again!

Please note, if you plan to go live with another performer who is not a Creator, they will first need to be verified by our Support Team. If you record your live show with another performer to post on your profile for sale, we highly recommend you keep a copy of their ID and a signed release form on file as we can request these at any time. You can find our blank release form here.

Have a great show!

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