How do I add Phone, Texting and Vid Chat Services?

Texting, Phone and Vid Chat services can be offered on your profile as a way to interact directly with your fans and give an exciting, sexy and personal experience unlike anything else!

To add one or all of these services, go to your My Profile > Services. From there click <Add> next to the desired service to set it up.

How to add a service

Add the preferred app you want to use to fulfill the service as well as your username on that app so the purchasing member can add you. Add your rules to make sure your fan will know what you will and won't do over the session.

Enter the prices for whichever options you want to offer and hit <Save>. The service is now active on your profile!

Payments will automatically re-bill for the member until they turn off the re-bill option (please note this doesn't apply to Vid Chat), making these services a great source for consistent earnings.

You can always go back and edit your prices, but any member who purchases a recurring service will continue to pay the original price they paid as long as they continue to auto-renew, this goes for promo code discounts as well.

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