How do I add vids and/or store items to my MV Live Store?

Want to advertise some of your top vids and store items to members during MV Live? By adding vids and items to your MV Live Store, you can do just that!

The vids and store items that will show on the “Store” tab of your MV Live room will be items and vids you have “Pinned”, meaning they will remain at the top of your Vids and Items pages on your profile as well. 

To “pin” something, go to your Content Manager (drop-down menu > Manage My Store>  Content Manager). If you are looking for a vid then make sure to have “Vids” selected at the top of this section; for store items select “Store Items”. Locate the vid or store item you want to show up in your live store, click the 3-dots to the right of it and select “Pin”. 

That’s it! You can pin up to 3 vids and up to 3 store items, and any active services you have will show up in your MV Live Store as well!

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