How do I set up my Lovense levels?

Once your Lovense toy is connected to your MV Live room (see our article on how to connect your toys here) you will want to set the levels to the amount of tokens will activate your toy. You will need at least one level set in order for your toy to work with MV Live. To set your levels to your liking, here's a quick step-by-step guide:

The Lovense Levels Menu

  • From the Toys menu at the bottom left of your Live room, click "Levels"
  • Select the token range for each level, any token tip that matches or is in between these numbers will activate that level (put       the same amount in both fields if you want a specific amount to activate a certain level)
  • Choose the device that will activate for that level, or choose "All Devices" if you want the level to activate all of your                      connected toys (you can have up to 9 connected at once)  
  • Select the amount of time the toy will stay on in seconds
  • Select the vibration intensity, the more flames, the more intense!

    Members will be able to see which levels you set by clicking "More" at the bottom of your live chat so they know how to activate your toy.

Members will see this at the bottom of your Live chat if you Lovense is connected! Hitting "More" will display your Lovense levels.

Any token tip that matches one of your levels will activate the toy including tip menu options, custom tips, Make it Rain and Show Love!

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