How do I set up my Prize Wheel during a live show?

The Wheel is a fun way to earn tips during MV Live! Offer awesome prizes and incentives that members can win by spinning with tokens. You can have up to 20 different options, and set the probability so some prizes are more common and some more rare for the luckiest Members!

First, click <Wheel Menu> at the bottom of your live room and set the spin cost in tokens. Next, enter the name of a prize, enter how many times that prize appears on the wheel (the more times, the better chance it will be chosen), select the color of that option and then hit <Add>! Repeat this for all the things you want to offer until the wheel is completed to your liking and then be sure to hit <Save>.

The Wheel can be active with only one option, so make sure to turn the Wheel off completely with the switch in the top left if you no longer wish to offer it as an option during your show!
You'll notice you have the option to turn off the wheel if you need to with the switch in the top left corner, as well as the ability to remove individual wheel options by clicking <Remove> next to the option you wish to delete, or delete all your wheel options to create a new wheel by clicking <Remove All> in the top right.

On the Members side, they will see your Wheel Menu the same way you do, but they will also have the option to spin. Good luck!

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