How do I upload a vid?

To get started uploading vids, first go to your drop-down menu > My Content > Upload Vids; or, from your profile click the blue <Upload New Vids> button under your profile pic.

Drag and drop the vid file to the upload section or click "Select Vids to Upload" and locate the vid file. Please note: We accept MP4, M4V and MOV files.

Once added, your vids will begin uploading right away! When fully uploaded, the vid will then begin Processing which means the file has reached our servers and is being converted for streaming and download purposes.

During processing you can click <Edit Info> to add all the details to your vid such as the title, description, tags, price, etc.

When the vid is fully processed, click <Launch> to do a final check on all the details and create a teaser and thumbnail for your vid.

Having issues uploading? Try our helpful upload troubleshooting article or contact our Support Team by LiveChat by clicking the little blue speech balloon on the bottom right of the "Upload Vids" page!