How does "Fund Me" work?

The 'Fund Me' service is an adult-alternative crowd funding option directly on your MV profile! This is a great way for you and your fans to work towards a financial goal which can be just about anything you like.

You will be able to activate your Fund Me once you've added 5 vids and a profile pic to you profile. (Click here for more info on this.)

To add this service, go to your Profile > Services> Add next to Fund Me

You will be given the options to add all the details to your campaign such as the title, description, goal amount, etc.

You can also set a "Big donation" amount. This is something you can use to entice members to donate by offering an incentive for a certain donation amount which you would need to fulfill manually. A great way to fulfill incentives is by MV Link. Click here to learn more.

Any Fund Me donations will be added to your earnings immediately and you can check the status of your Fund Me campaign on your profile by clicking <Fund Me> under your profile picture.

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