How is the MV Live Score calculated?

The elements that count towards increasing your MV Live Score are listed below: 

- Token earnings during MV Live sessions **Tokens earned on MV Live will count towards your MV  Score! 

- The amount of hours and minutes you are live on cam count towards improving your MV Live Score.

Please note: Tokens will need to be converted to earnings in order to count towards your score.

The following sales do not count towards increasing your MV Live Score: All vids, memberships, store items, contest votes, custom vids and more sold during a live session. These sales contribute to your MV Score only!

Where can I find my MV Live Score? Your MV Live Score can be found on your MV Profile, right beside your MV Score.

Please note that,  MV Live Score and the MV Live Top Earners are two different things. The MV Live Top Earners is based only on Tokens earned. 

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