How to post a pic

Uploading pics to your profile is so easy and another great way for you to showcase your content!

To upload your fabulous pics, go to your profile page, then locate and click on the 'Pics' tab at the top of the page. See the image below:


Next, hit the "Upload" button in blue. Once you do that, you'll see the pop-up screen below. Hit "Continue" to select and upload your image. Be sure to upload a pic in one of the supported file types!

When you have uploaded your pic, you'll have the option to add a caption. Remember to hit "Save" when you're done!

Need to delete your pics? Take a look through the article How do I delete a vid, Pic or Store Item?  to learn how!

To add your profile pics, visit the article How do I add a profile picture? (Avatar, Teaser, Portrait and MV Intro).

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