How can I interact with my Crush Club posts?

MV Crush Club is a small, inner circle of top fans who get a sneak-peek at your exclusive vids, notes, pics and updates. This is the perfect way to get closer with your fans!

This premium service has the same features and functions as your MV Social posts. This means that Members can Love, Comment and Re-MV (share) your top Crush Club posts! Posts that are Re-MV'd by MV Crush Club fans are only visible to your other Crush subscribers. 

Want to show off a cute Crush post so that fans don't miss it? Just like with MV Social, on Crush you can pin your top post to your feed so it always comes first! All you have to do is click the 3-dots to the right of the post and select <Pin to Profile>. 

Looking to entice future subscribers? Even though your content is blocked to non-subscribers, they are able to see the captions on each Crush post, so you can get Members intrigued by using exciting captions!

How do fans get notified when I post crush content? Members that are subscribed will receive notifications anytime you post or interact on Crush so they never miss out!

Need to delete a post? You can remove any of you own posts by clicking the 3-dots to the right of the post and selecting <Delete>. 

Looking to learn how to post content to your MV Crush Club?  Click here.

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