Login Issue - Invalid Credentials

"Invalid Credentials" Error

This error may occur due to entering in the wrong username/password, trying to login to a deleted account (status 3) or an email being used at login. See the screenshot below:

‘Invalid Credentials’  error received from an ACTIVE account

Invalid credentials means that their username and/or password are incorrect. If the account is active or in pre-approval (Status 1 or 2), inform them to use their username at login and provide the exact spelling (using an email will not work), and let them know how to change their password by clicking "Forgot Password" at the login screen. You can send the snippet titled, Login - Invalid Credentials. This snippet advises the individual to reset their password. You may want to get a screenshot of the login error to verify that they are using the correct username at login. 

‘Invalid Credentials’  error displaying on a DELETED/INACTIVE account

***Treat with care, this could be related to GDPR and they may be testing the information we’ve kept stored on the account. 

The  invalid credentials error also appears when trying to login to a deleted account. If deactivated, make sure to check the notes on their Admin Page before treating. If the account is "Deleted for Fraud", follow the instructions here.  

If the account has been deleted due to a violation or another serious issue, send the ticket to the Compliance queue for handling (respond to the user and let them know that you are forwarding their inquiry to the appropriate team for handling). 

If you have reviewed the notes and find no prior issues, you may advise them that the login error is occurring because the account is deleted. See the process below:

- Members: reactivate their account following the member reactivation process.

- MV Stars: follow the steps for MV Star account reactivation

Invalid Credentials-  ***NOTE: CANNOT LOGIN WITH EMAIL*** Check Username & Password are correct and re-try. Retrieve Username or Reset Password links below

If the Member or MV Star is using their email instead of username or stage name to login, the invalid credentials error will occur. 

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