Messenger Widget

You can stay connected with the MV Community in real time through our Messenger Widget. 

For desktop the widget is available on the bottom right of any page:

On mobile the chat widget is available from the messenger icon in the header. You will need to select the messenger icon to access your chats. 

In order to start messaging via the widget, you and the person you wish to message must follow each other. At the moment, you can send text messages and emoji.

Click the chat icon next to a username to begin chatting:

To block a user from the chat widget, click the three dots on the top right and select Block Chat. 

Note that this only blocks the user from the chat, if you want to block a user entirely you must follow the steps here.

Message requests

You can chat with anyone if you are following each other! However, if someone wants to chat with you and you're not following them, they will need to make a request first. All pending message requests will appear in the 'Request tab'. See below: 

Click the @ icon to view your message requests. 

Once you view the request, you have to option to accept or reject the chat. If you decline the chat, it will remove the request completely. If you accept the request, the chat will move from the Request tab to to the main chat and you'll be able to continue chatting from there.  

Click Accept to continuing chatting.

You also have the option to block a user from chatting with you (this will prevent you from receiving any new messages). Simply follow the instructions above to block messages. 

Removing Message requests

You have the option to remove the message request feature. If you want to automatically accept all messages, simply go to your messenger settings (gear icon) and toggle the option to accept messages from everyone. See below: 

This setting will allow you to accept all messages!

MV's legacy inbox is available as well. You can find more info on that here!

Premium Members

Premium Members are shown in the Messenger widget with a diamond. You can find more info on our Premium Membership in How do I become a Premium Member and what are the perks?

Diamonds mean Premium Members!

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