MV Live 80% Payout!

The MV Team is excited to announce our new 80% payout for MV Live! This means that your token earnings will increase from $0.06 to $0.08 per token. This is a great opportunity to maximize your revenue, gain more exposure and connect with even more fans on ManyVids.  Not only will you get an 80% payout by camming on MV Live, but MV Stars can expect an increase in profile sales by up to 25% within the first 3 months on MV Live! 

At ManyVids, we want all MV Stars to get an equal opportunity to flourish on MV Live, and are offering an 80% payout to all MV Live Stars. 

You may be asking why we've decided to to implement this change. This 20% increase is significant as it will benefit everyone who goes live,  and offers all MV Stars the opportunity to enjoy an extra and well-deserved income each month. We believe that this change will create a fair advantage for all MV Stars streaming on MV Live, and everyone can rise to the top! 

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