Does MV send me a tax form?

For all MV Stars (individuals or corporations) residing in the U.S. and / or receiving payouts to a bank account located in the U.S. who have earned a total amount of $20,000 or more and received 200 transactions or more within the last calendar year, MV will send you a copy of the Form 1099-K to the civic address or PO Box provided by the MV Star on their W9. 

MV Stars below this minimum or outside the US can find everything they need to report their earnings from MV which includes their total yearly earnings, our company name and TIN in their Settings under US Tax forms. (

The 1099-K is only applicable to individuals who receive their payments via ACH/Check/Wire Transfer. They do not include any amounts transferred via Cosmopay or Paxum (intermediary payment providers are not included in 1099-K payment total). 

For any further information regarding filing your taxes, you would be best served to contact an accountant or tax professional.