What is MV Social?

At ManyVids, we realize the important part that social media plays in everyone's life and how essential it is for adult performers and content creators to grow their business. We've incorporated a unique, safe  social network within our platform, to enable sex workers to express themselves freely, this social network is, MV Social. 

MV Social is a feature that Members and MV Stars can use to improve their experience on the platform and connect with each other. We've integrated an MV Social feed into everyone's profile, making it so convenient to maintain steady engagement within the MV Community. 

With the MV Social Feed you are able to do so much!

- Self promotion is the key to succeed! You can effortlessly promote, market and sell your content. 

- Keep fans updated on your latest activity by posting messages, cute pics, gifs, and sexy vids to your feed. Click here to learn How to post on MV Social.

- Pin your top post so that this is the first thing your followers see when visiting your profile. 

- Receive updates from the profiles that you follow, so that you never miss out on anything new! 

- See a post that you like on another profile? You can show it some love by leaving a heart, commenting or  Re-MV' ing  the post.  

- New sales will be highlighted in your feed for your admires to see.

- We've made it even more convenient for you to keep your MV Crush Club up to date. From the MV Social tab, you can upload vids, pics and notes to your top fans! 

Members are also able to get involved in the MV Community and can use their profile to show appreciate for their favourite MV Stars. Our MV Members can:

- Re-MV their top pics and posts

- Help promote Promo Codes

- Heart posts that they love

- Leave comments and reviews 

We want you to shine, which is why we've created a network that truly allows you to represent yourself in all forms.