I found my vid on another site. How do I submit a DMCA takedown request?

Here at MV we want to make sure you and only you have a say as to where your content is distributed, that's why we partnered up with DMCAForce and DigiRegs to scan the web regularly for material pirated from our Creators and submit takedown requests to have the content removed as quickly and efficiently as possible. All your vids are imprinted with a unique digital fingerprint which allows our DMCA partners to easily do frequent scans for stolen copies of your vids and submit legally binding takedown requests on your behalf.

In cases where the vids remain up, you can always submit the links to the content to us directly at MV Support using the form below.

When sending these links, make sure to send a link that points directly to the stolen content where the vid is being streamed to ensure the DMCA takedown request is properly submitted. If the file is up for download on a file-sharing site, make sure to send us the page where the file is directly downloadable.

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