Where can I find info about my profile's daily traffic?

On ManyVids, we believe that keeping informed of is crucial to finding success, this is why we have set profiles with the different tools to be able to give our Creators insight regarding different facets of their profile.

One tool that can give you an in-depth look into what draws people to your profile is the Daily Traffic report. To access this: 

  • Go to your drop-down menu 
  • My Earnings 
  • Click on <View> on the Daily Traffic category

This will instantly take you to the current month's views graphed out to  show you how the total number of views (Y- axis) differ from each day of the current month (X- axis).

Clicking on <View> shows you Vid Traffic automatically, but you can also adjust the filtering to find the following:

Vid Traffic - This includes both preview views as well as full vid views from purchasing members

Profile Traffic - The number of times your Profile gets unique visits in a day

Store Traffic - The number of visits to your Store

You may also gain further insight by filtering to previous months of any year.

Knowing is half the battle, and we want you to have all the insight necessary to be able to plan for your content launch or store item sales. Keeping track of your daily traffic will show you where the interest lies and will give you a chance to concentrate on them or to improve on areas that may not be garnering as many clicks.

Should you have any questions or need clarification over anything, feel free to reach out to us at help@manyvids.com!

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