ManyVids Profile Updates

We're thrilled to share some fantastic news with you! As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the ManyVids experience for both Creators and Members, we've implemented a series of exciting updates to your Profiles. Read on to discover all the new improvements! 

We've made some big updates to your Feeds

  • A unified Club Feed Consume content from your favorite Creators seamlessly and directly from their Profiles with a new unified feed under the ‘Club’ tab! You can toggle between ‘All’, ‘Free’, and ‘For Subs’ to help filter the content you’re looking for.  

When you’re on your own profile, ‘All’ will show you the content of everyone you follow, and you will see an additional ‘Scheduled’ Tab where you will see a list of your upcoming scheduled posts.  

(Please note that Members will not have a ‘For Subs’ tab as they do not upload content.  )

  • Flexible Post Settings: Creators can now toggle their posts to be ‘Free’ or ‘For Subs’ when creating their posts, and they also now have the ability to edit this setting on previous posts, even after posting.  

  • Reminder: Auto-Sales and Upload posts appear under the Club ‘All’ Tab for those you are following.

Changes to your subscription services

  • Get My Vids (Vid Memberships) have been renamed to ‘Vid Bundle’: Same great features, just a snappier name! 
  • Introducing a ‘Vid Bundle’, ‘Club’, and 'Custom Vid' Sales Ticker: With a scrolling sales ticker, you’ll see in real-time how much your content is loved by your audience and entice more Members to support and subscribe! 

Improvements for Members

  • Members can now edit their About Me page: Express yourself like never before! Members, edit your About Me page to give your audience a deeper insight into who you are. 
  • New 'Purchased’ tab: Members can now seamlessly jump to their purchase history page directly from the ‘History’ tab on their Profile (it can also still be accessed within their drop-down menu)!
  •  Members when clicking the drop down > MY profile will be directed to their activity feed, to see posts from all the creators and accounts they follow

Our team is always working on additional improvements to make your ManyVids experience even better, so keep an eye out for the following updates: 

  • Achievement Badges: They'll soon make a comeback! 
  • A Streamlined ‘Edit Profile’ Section: You'll soon have a more user-friendly profile editing experience. 
  • A ‘Custom Vids’ Sales Ticker: Keep an eye out for this eye-catching sales ticker on your Custom Vids tabs soon!  
  • Top Earner Ranks: You will soon be able to showcase your success with Clubs and LIVE with Top Earner ranks visible on your Profile. 
  • Live Banner: A LIVE indicator will appear on your Profile so your Members can easily see when you're live streaming 
  • & much more!

We value your feedback and suggestions! If there's anything else you'd like to see on ManyVids, share your thoughts directly with our developers here.

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