OBS and Camera connection issues

Are you running into any of these errors?

  • Experiencing an error when changing camera settings
  • Seeing a black preview where your stream should be
  • Unable to connect your OBS stream

Follow these steps!

Issues connecting OBS

If you have already opened MV Live and received a black screen or error, please close all browser windows before continuing. 

  1. Deactivate your physical camera in OBS
  2. Open MV Live (it will connect to your physical camera and show you a preview image)
  3. Change your video source in MV Live: click the AV button > select OBS Virtual camera
  4. Your preview image will either go black or give a default image
  5. Activate your camera and start your virtual camera in OBS
  6. The preview image should now appear

If you have any issues after following these steps, please close down all cam splitting software completely and follow the steps again, only opening your software after opening MV Live.

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