How do I win a contest on MV?

Want to increase your chances of winning an MV Contest? We have a few tips to help you make it!

Stick to the theme

Most contests on MV are themed contests, so making sure your photo follows the theme not only makes the contest more fun for everyone but will get you noticed! We recommend always doing your best to follow the theme which will keep these contests exciting for both Creators and voting MV Members. We also have a  "Best Photo" prize for every contest! So even if you don't rank high, you have a chance to win by just posting an awesome photo!

Concept and Photo

Get creative and spice up your pic! If you have some time to put a little extra thought into making your photo submission innovative, it helps! Remember, a little goes a long way and the best results come from being original!  You’ll want to make sure your photo follows our SFW guidelines. Not sure what these guidelines are?  You can find the details here


The more crisp and clear the quality of your photo is, the better view the MV Members have of you. This means more votes, and and a better chance that an MV Member will want to see more and visit your profile! 

Create hype

Get you fans excited and engaged!  If they know that the contest is important to you, they will be more likely to vote for you! Hype them up through your MV feed posts, social media channels, and encourage your fans to share your post for additional exposure.

You can find out more about Contests here!

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