Can I film using a desktop computer or laptop?

Yes. If you have a Desktop you want to shoot with you will probably have to buy a Webcam. We recommend getting one with HD resolution. Webcams are not too expensive and they can also be used to generate extra income by camming on MV Live. If you have a laptop, most of them have a decent internal webcam. 

In order to record with a computer, you will have to use a recording software on your desktop or laptop, the programs Camera App for Windows and PhotoBooth on a Mac are both great options. 

If you have 2 of the above-mentioned devices, you can use both to record at the same time if you want to get some different angles. This can be really fun for your viewers! 

Also, another really neat and cost-efficient way to create new vids is to simple record your MV Live cam shows on ManyVidsWe offer a built-in free feature which makes this effortless! When you’re live streaming on MV Live, you can hit the Record button to start and stop filming. If you recorded for over 1 minute, the file will automatically show up in your vid upload queue ready to be launched on your MV Profile to sell!  

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