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Engaging in conversations in your live room chat is essential to attract members. When someone enters your room, they are intrigued about what’s happening and want to see what they’ve missed. 

If the chat hasn’t picked up yet, you can get it started yourself by writing to your viewers as soon as you go live!

Members can be reluctant to start engaging when they see a performer they adore, especially if they are new to live shows, so don’t hesitate to remind everyone in your room not to be shy and encourage them to chat.

Once your live room and chat are more popular, you may want to appoint a moderator so they can assist you with the interactions in your live room. You should still engage with your fans, but this person can help with mute and ban functions for your viewers.

Keep in mind that not all members have audio on during the show; so, it’s important to stay connected within the chat feed for those who may be tuning in silently while they listen to music or watch sports, etc.

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