How do I add a Store Item?

On MV, aside from vids you can sell physical and digital items such as panties, bras, photo sets, vid bundles and more! Below are steps to get you started in adding these items to your store for sale.

To get started in creating a store item, click the drop-down menu > My Content > Create Store Item.

First, add one or more photos of your store item. (Dimensions of this photo must be at least 800 pixels wide so make sure your file is this size or larger. You will be given the option to crop the photo to show exactly what you want.)

Next, you have the option to add a short vid preview of between 6 - 20 seconds as a way to further advertise the item. (For example, if you are selling panties, you can show a preview of the vid you wore the panties in.)

Lastly, add all the details of your item such as a clear title and description, category,  quantity available, etc. (Please note if this is a digital item that doesn't have a quantity limit, just make it 999.)

Different categories will give you different options, such as clothing items giving the ability to add sizes and quantity per size, shipping details, etc. (You will need to factor the shipping cost into the store item listing.)

Want to add a "New" or "Best Deal" ribbon to your store item? Select these options under the 'Marketing' section and your store item will display these ribbons. (Please note you can only have up to 3 store items tagged as 'Best Deal', after which you' would need to remove the option from one to add it to another. The 'New' tag will expire after 14 days.)
You can also add "Extras" which are things members can add to their order like having an item signed by you for an extra price.
Selecting 'Photo Set' as your category will give you the option to add a .zip file containing all the images!

Be sure to hit <Save> when you're done!

Please keep in mind that store item sales should be fulfilled within 30 days of purchase and if the item requires shipping, you would be best served to get a tracking number for the shipment.