How are my Vids and information kept safe?

All information on the site is protected by an encrypted connection, and your vids are stored on a secure cloud data server which requires an encrypted unique signature in order for your vids to be streamed (or downloaded).

ManyVids also offers the latest in anti-piracy protection to our Creators through our partnership with DMCAForce and DigiRegs.

  • All vids on MV are imprinted with a unique digital fingerprint ID
  • We automatically scan the web on behalf of our Creators to locate any stolen content featuring this ID
  • We issue DMCA takedown notices every time we find an illegally uploaded vid
  • Not only that, through DMCAForce and DigiRegs we are in collaboration with many major tube sites to prevent piracy at the source. These sites will block stolen content from being uploaded in the first place.

We stay on top of the latest initiatives and upgrade our technology to help protect our Creators. 

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