Live Mobile Camming

We've taken Live up a notch and provided the ultimate tool that will take your camming to the next level! Creators have the ability to live stream directly from their Android phones, IOS devices or tablets with Live Mobile camming.

New Update Effective January 15th, 2024: Exciting news! You can now cam with your IOS mobile devices!
New Update Effective March 20th, 2024: Live Recordings is now available!

Live Mobile camming is the perfect feature that enables you to connect with your fans, any place and at anytime! With mobile streaming, you have the freedom to broadcast Live shows from multiple locations and share your daily adventures with fans. Not only does this feature offer the ability to create a space for more intimate fan engagement, it also open more doors for you to monetize your shows. 

The big question...What can you expect from Live Mobile camming? This tool encompasses all the features of your regular Live shows, with the added benefit of mobility! With mobile camming, you can:

  • Earn tokens
  • Create a room topic 
  • Live Chat with your fans 
  • Have private live sessions 
  • Set up a tip menu 
  • Set your goals and track your progress
  • View your tokens earned and your highest tipper 
  • Choose to switch your camera to the following settings: front and back, landscape or portrait
  • Stream from a variety of new locations and angles
  • Create content on the go
  • Record Live Shows and upload to your profile or share with members

Check out our MV Live Tips and Tricks article in order to make the most out of this feature!

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