How do I add or remove Two-Step Verification on my account?

Two-Step Verification is a great option for adding extra security to your account to prevent anyone aside from yourself from logging in. At login, after entering your username and password, you will be asked for a 6-digit code which would be generated by a verification app on your mobile device.

Adding Two-Step Verification to your account

To activate this feature:

  • Go to your drop-down menu  
  • Security Center 
  • Two-Step Verification 

You will be prompted to enter your password and from there the page will let you know which apps work with this service.

Download one of the recommended apps onto your mobile device and then scan the QR code on MV using the app. Once done, you will get a 6-digit code from the app to verify and activate the feature.

Next time you go to login, the extra step of using the verification app will be added, so you'll need to enter the 6-digit code generated by the app to access your account.

Removing Two-Step Verification from your account

If you no longer have access to the verification app and therefore cannot generate the 6-digit code to access your account, you'll need to have the feature removed from your account by MV Support. Please contact using the email attached to your account, and we'll let you know what we need in order to verify you as the account owner and have this feature removed.

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