Promote! Promote! Promote!

Ensuring your fans know when you will be live on ManyVids is essential to your success. A simple post with the direct link to your MV Live room on your social networks, including your FREE feed, is so important. One of the best places to announce your live shows is X.

When it comes to promoting your live shows, timing and details are everything. Here is how we recommend promoting your upcoming shows: 

  1. 5-7 days before it happens so your fans can get an advance notice & start purchasing tokens 
  2. 24 hours before your event to remind them to purchase tokens & get ready
  3. A few minutes before going live with the direct link to your show

The following information should be included in your promotional posts:

  • Date
  • Time & time zone
  • Event details
  • Duration

These easy (yet crucial) steps will help you attract as many people as possible to your live show. If you plan to become a full-time cam performer, you can opt only to follow step 3 before your live shows, as you will be live more regularly!

Find out more about promoting and getting set up in our guide here!

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