Director’s Cut Event

What is "Director's Cut Event"? 

The "Director's Cut" Event is a limited time offer available on ManyVids. When this promotion is happening, Members will receive a 10% discount when ordering a Custom Vid from any Creator on the platform. Custom Vids are personalized, providing a unique and tailored experience for Members who are looking for something special and want to take a seat in the Director’s chair. 

How to Get the Most Out of the Promotion as a Creator: 

Promote: Let your audience know about the promotion. This can be done through social media, Broadcast, or via direct messaging. Inform your followers about the opportunity to support you and take advantage of the discount, on us. 

Engage with Your Audience: During the promotional period, engage with your audience, interact with them, and produce high-quality content to encourage more Custom Vid purchases. 

* Promo start times are in Eastern Standard Time

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