Topics & Goals

A room topic is essential to a successful show because it allows you to be transparent about your show’s direction and the message you want to deliver to your audience.

Deciding your goals in advance is also important because these actions will help steer the journey of your show. It’s a good idea to start with setting smaller goals and then go bigger each time. This way, your fans keep helping you reach new & exciting goals together! Plus, starting with smaller goals leaves more opportunity for a build-up without discouraging members. Always having an active goal is a major key to successful shows. 

Not all days are the same. If you have a big tipper in your room, you can put your goals higher and vice versa. You should adjust your goals as you go, and you’ll be an expert at gaging the vibe of your room in no time. Remember, camming is a team effort! You entertain your audience, and they keep rewarding you for the great show!

FUN FACT: MV Live Creators with Room Topics & Goals generate 67% more token tips!

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