What types of content can I put on ManyVids?

The quick answer is whatever you want! Your genius and talent will always be appreciated here! We welcome encourage vids of any genre for all types of creators. On MV adult entertainment can be found next to vlogs, makeup tutorial, music video, and fitness vids. Sexy content can co-exist alongside short films from independent directors, and Creators can reveal all their talents, skills, and passions. 

ManyVids is a creative and diverse adult community and because of that we welcome all types of content. We are proud supporters of the LGBTQ2+ community so all of that content you will find here is being made by many different types of Creators – everyone is unique and talented in their own way, and that's what makes MV so wonderful! If you are an adult and want to share your passion to the world MV is the place for you. 

Best of all, the popularity and web traffic of MV will help to assist you in getting your work seen.  

MV wants to ensure all Creators are only creating and producing content they are comfortable with, and that they have a place to host it without the fear of it being taken down. We embrace freedom and a non-censorious approach! Though, of course, all uploads should respect our Terms of Service to ensure they are aligned with the rules & values of our community. 

You can watch the MVU class, Content Types,  to learn about the different categories and genres of content that you can upload to your MV Profile!

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