Unified Club Feed

You can now view all your free and subscription Club content in one place! 


The "All" filter shows all content you're subscribed to. This includes all paid content and free activity. 

  • On a Creator profile, this shows the Creator's full feed: free + for subs (if you are subscribed to their Club) 
  • If you're a Creator, when logged in and viewing your own profile ‘ALL’ shows activity from everybody that you follow. You can find more info on that here: MV Club/Feed Activity (Note: your auto-posts are only visible to users viewing your profile and won't be visible to you if you're logged in to your account.)


The "Free" filter shows only free posts from users that you follow. 

Viewing paid subscriptions

If you have two or more paid club subscriptions, simply select "For Subs" on the Club tab:

Need to access your Club feed? You can find more info on that here: How do I access my Club?

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