Creators - Premium Content Library

We are excited to feature Creators and their content on the Premium Membership Content Library!

With Vids linking back to Creator profiles, our Premium Members will become supporters and fall in love with the content you offer. For the time being, we are kickstarting this project with content from select Creators but will continue exploring new ways to extend this offer to more Creators so everyone in the MV Community can benefit from this initiative! 

Check out our FAQ below, and as always, if you have any additional questions, reach out to our MV Support team -

How is this a benefit to the community?

Given our Premium Members are such loyal users, we wanted to give something back. We hope to give our Premium Members even more reasons to keep coming back and seeing our amazing creators. In 2023 we expect to bolster our offer even more with additional perks for our Premium Members which they can use to support their favorite creators.

How do I get my content added to the Premium Library?

If you have any interest in submitting a piece of content to be part of the Premium library, we encourage you to reach out to, and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Will ManyVids be adding Gay and Trans content to the Premium Library?

We love and appreciate our LGBTQIA2+ community, we acknowledge the omission in our first release of this feature, and we’re working hard on the tech side to make it possible to offer a fully diverse and inclusive library while giving Premium Members the necessary tools to sort and filter per their content preferences. This is a top priority, and we’ll keep the Community updated as this new feature evolves and we expand our library in the near future, so that more Creators can benefit from this initiative!

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