How to use "Pay To Open" Messages (PTO)

Pay To Open messages are messages, pics and vid clips that you can send via your Broadcast or private message. The receiver will need to pay upfront to view.
This is how PTO pics will appear on the members side.

How do I send a Pay To Open Message? 

To send a Pay To Open message, pic or vid, click <Pay To Open> at the bottom of your inbox, set a price (between 1.99 and 999.99) and click <Save>. Now, the next message you send will be a Pay To Open message; if you wish to send another one, you'll need to set the price again.
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To turn off the Pay To Open option without sending a message, click the <X> next to the Pay To Open button.

To learn about setting up your Club, click here!

To learn about sending a Broadcast, click here!

*Please note that the abuse of our Pay To Open feature is not acceptable. Sending 10+ PTO messages to the same Member in 24-hours would be considered spam, and may be considered a violation.

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