How do I change my Payout Minimum?

Your payout minimum is the minimum amount you'll need to have earned in order for your payout to be sent.

We send payouts on the 1st and 16th of every month as long as you've met your payout minimum.  You can change your payout minimum anytime you want!

How do I edit my payout minimum? 

  • Go to your drop-down menu 
  • Settings 
  • Payment Method and click on 'View'
  • Click next to the amount to pull up the drop-down menu and choose your preferred minimum amount; you cannot set your minimum lower than $50
    Make sure to hit <Save> when finished!

** Important** Please note that any changes made to your Payout Minimum must be made 24 hours before a payout date or the changes will only be reflected on the following payout.

For more information on your payout options, click here.

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