Live Mobile Tips and Tricks!

We're so excited to share a few tips that will take your shows to the next level! 

Setting the mood

Live Mobile camming is an opportunity to create a more intimate atmosphere with your fans. You're moving away from your standard Live Room setting and you can now take your show to a whole new level of intimacy by engaging with members in a different space. Whether it's from your couch or backyard, you can connect with fans from a variety of unique places. 

  • Find out about your niche (viewers) and incorporate their preferences into your show. If you know what your viewers like watching, you can tailor your show and location to maintain a steady following. You'll want to find creative ways to sell an experience that viewers will be enticed to continue watching.
  • Plan a variety of exciting activities and set goals to keep viewers engaged. Try on cute outfits, show off your sexy dance moves or incorporate a few toys into your show.

Plan your broadcasts

Before starting your show, you'll need to do the necessary prep for your location of choice. This entails, ensuring that you can adequately perform your show without any disturbances or interruptions. 

  • Keep safe and don't stream while on the road!
  • Avoid crowded places. You won't be able to stream your show with non-verified bystanders visible.
  • Ensure that your location has sufficient lighting and if you're camming outside, be mindful of the sunlight that may cause a glare. 
  • Camming outside presents you with additional background noise, so you'll want to keep that to a minimum.

Promote yourself

You can use this opportunity to promote a new vid or just share the love with your fans from wherever you are.

  • Something to keep in mind is that your mobile screen is a lot smaller than your laptop or PC. We'd suggest that you use this feature for shorter shows or quick shout outs to fans. 

Technical prep

Our mobile camming software is supported on android, IOS devices and tablets.

  • If you're camming from your mobile device, you are going use a LOT of data. Therefore, you'll want to be connected to a wifi connection if possible, or have unlimited data and a 3G or 4G connection set up before streaming from your location. 
  • You'll also need to check that your device is fully charged.

During your show

  • Avoid covering the camera or microphone.
  • Stay focused and attentive to your viewers. 
  • Importantly, have fun and be yourself!

At all times, we ask that you respect the site rules that we have set in place.

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