How do I add a profile picture? (Avatar, Teaser, Portrait and MV Intro)

On MV, you have many ways to customize your profile and help members find you. We recommend uploading an Avatar, Teaser, Portrait and MV Intro to attract fans to your profile.

- Avatar: the small circular image that shows on the "MV Stars" page
- Teaser: a short gif that will play when a member hovers over your Avatar
- Portrait: the long image that shows to the left of your profile
- MV Intro: a short preview (with sound) that plays when hovering over your Portrait

To add/edit or delete these, go to your profile (click the drop-down menu > My MV > My Profile) and click on the blue pencil icon at the bottom of your portrait.This will give you the option to add each of the different images and vids that will make your profile uniquely yours!

Need to remove your MV Intro or Teaser? Simply go to the same section and hit the <Reset> button and confirm your choice.