What happens if my vid gets flagged/reported?

We take content rule violations on MV very seriously in order to maintain a safe and welcoming community as well as to make sure we remain compliant with payment processor and regulatory requirements. All content that is flagged/reported to us is investigated by the MV Support Team and any Creator hosting content that breaks our site rules will have the offending content removed and receive a warning via email. Depending on the severity of the offence, further action may be taken. This also applies if there are multiple infractions on the account.

We also understand that at times, a violation may be due to lack of understanding of our content rules and we make sure that the Creator in question is informed as to the rule being broken. At the time the warning is sent, the Creator is required to audit their profile to ensure there is no other infringing content.

For security and confidentiality reasons, any action taken will remain between the Creator and ManyVids.

Making sure MV is a safe place is a top priority for us and it's easier to accomplish this with help from our MV Community, so if you see something you feel could be a potential content rule violation, be sure to report it to us for review.

To review our Content Rules, click here and go to "Content Rules". You can also find our other site rules such as our Community Guidelines, Forbidden Words, and Terms of Service etc.

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