How do I make my Club post public?

Once your Club is set up and you have posted content, you may want to make some of those posts Public to show potential fans what they can expect as a new subscriber! 

To make a post public on your Club, click on your Club tab, and then select the For Subs filter:

Next, find the post that you want to make public, click the 3 dots and select Set as Club Preview: 

You will see an unlocked icon on the bottom left of public posts: 

Alternatively, you can change a post back to Private for VIP Subscribers only by clicking the 3 dots and selecting Remove Club Preview.

To learn how to schedule posts in your Club click here!

Club Upload Specs

5 Character Minimum
1000 Character Maximum
20MB Maximum File Size/each pic3GB Maximum File Size
20  Minutes Maximum Length

If you will be featuring a co-performer in any of Your Club content, you'll want to visit the article here!

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