Watermark acceptance criteria

NOTE: Content uploaded from August 19, 2021 until December 31, 2021 displaying OnlyFans related watermarks are excluded from the below watermark policy.

Watermarking your content is an important step to help protect yourself from content piracy problems, and ManyVids encourages watermarking all content. But what kind of watermarks are permitted on MV? 

To align with our guidelines on external links, aimed at ensuring the safety of the MV Community, we allow watermarks that feature your individual brand, or a website you own and manage that matches your brand. We don’t permit watermarks that display URLs to external platforms. 

To help illustrate this, here are some examples of watermarking do’s and don’ts: 

Content uploaded from February 20, 2021 onward is subject to the policy, however enforcement began May 20, 2021. For more information about our external link guidelines, click here. 

Please be advised that overlays on MV Live containing any kind of links are NOT ALLOWED. This includes any of the accepted link criteria illustrated above. This is not permitted however they are added to the broadcast (either manually or via any software that broadcasts to multiple sites such as OBS or  any other types of cam splitters).

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