I'm from Canada, do I need anything for taxes?

Upon signup, if you've selected that you are a Canadian citizen, you will have a section open in your settings (click the drop down menu > settings) called "Canadian Tax Forms"

Inputting your Federal Registration Number will make tax reporting much easier for you when tax season rolls around. If you currently do not have a Federal Registration Number, you may just tick off <No>  from the selection box, and you may add it at a later stage!

I'm in Canada. Does MV remit taxes for me?

If you're a Creator in Canada, we collect and remit taxes on your behalf!

While you hold the primary obligation to submit any relevant sales taxes, MV is required by law to retain the sales taxes and remit them directly to the appropriate tax authorities. Regulations in the Excise Tax Act obligate our platform to collect and remit sales taxes on transactions. Specifically, Part IX of the Act requires entities making taxable supplies in Canada to collect the tax from the recipient. After this collection, Section 225 of the Act mandates remittance of the collected amount to the Receiver General. Accordingly, these sales taxes won't be paid out to you.

If you have any questions, simply send an email to help@manyvids.com

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