I found my vids posted on MV without my permission. How do I submit a takedown request?

If you wish to have videos removed from our site that you did not post, or are uploaded without your consent you need to report the vid. To report a vid, hit the “Report” button just below the vid, just above the vid tags.

For users who do not have an account with us and would like to have videos removed that are uploaded without your permission, you need to send the following to help@manyvids.com: 

  •  A photo of yourself holding both your legible photo ID and a sign that says MANYVIDS with today's date
  •  Link(s) to the referenced content

Upon receipt, we will initiate our take-down procedure.

Did you find your vids posted on another site without your permission? Click here so we can assist you with issuing a takedown notice for stolen content!

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