What Vid categories and fetishes are available on MV?

When adding your Vids to MV, you'll want to make sure to apply the appropriate categories to give yourself the best chance to be found by members who are searching for that type of content. You can find a list of all our accepted vid categories at the following link:


Some of these categories will get your vid found on the MV Fetish tab. To see what tags will have your vid found in this section, go to the following link and see all the accepted categories on the left of the page (switch over to the BDSM or Kink tab at the top for more options).


The categories used in your vids will also effect your "My Top Vids Tags" as found on the About section on your profile which will determine if you are entered into certain categories for the MV Top Earners monthly contest.

For more information on "My Top Vids Tags", click here!

For more information on our monthly MV Top Earners contest, click here!