How do I report a Vid, Private message, Post or MV Profile?

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On MV, you have the ability to report things you think need to be brought to our attention, whether you believe something is a potential content rule violation or if you feel it goes against our community guidelines. You can report vids, profiles, inbox conversation (PM's), and activity posts. 

You can review our site rules and information here:

We look at every report so don’t hesitate to report anything you feel should be reviewed by the MV Support Team!

When you report something, you’ll be prompted to leave a short description so please be sure to let us know why you are sending the report so we know what to look for in the reported content. 

1. Reporting a Vid:

To report a vid, hit the “Report” button just below the vid, just above the vid tags

2. Reporting a Profile:

To report either a Creator or member profile, click the 3-dots on the top right while on the profile and you will be given the option to ‘Report’

3. Reporting an Inbox Conversation :

To report an inbox conversation with a Creator or Member > click the 3-dots in the top right corner of the conversation, this will prompt a list to appear on the screen > next, locate and click ‘Report’ from the list.

4. Reporting a post:

To report an activity post, click the 3-dots on the top right of the post itself, this will prompt a list to appear. From here, locate and click on ‘Report’ from the list

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