How do I link my Twitter to auto-tweet my sales?

Linking your Twitter account to your ManyVids account is a great way to promote your content on Twitter with minimal effort on your part. Your sales will be auto-tweeted based on the frequency you choose. Here's how to set that up!

First, go to your drop-down menu > Marketing Tools > Social Media. You should see on the "Social Media" section of this page a button that says "Link Twitter account". Before clicking that, make sure to add your full Twitter profile URL just below this button, then scroll down and click "Save". For example, the ManyVids Twitter URL is
Make sure to add and save your Twitter URL before clicking the "Link Twitter" button!
When that is saved, you can now click the <Link Twitter account> button and enter your Twitter login detail and click <Authorize app>. Your Twitter is now linked!

To further customize your auto-tweets, go to your drop-down menu > Marketing Tools > MV Promo Blaster and there you will see the different frequency options for how often you want your sales to be auto-tweeted.

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