How do I link my X to auto-post my sales?

Linking your X account to your ManyVids account is a great way to promote your content on X with minimal effort on your part. Your sales will be auto-posted based on the frequency you choose. Here's how to set that up!

  1. Go to your drop-down menu 
  2. Dashboard
  3. Marketing Tools 
  4. Social Media You should see on the "Social Media" section of this page a button that says "Link X account". Before clicking that, add your full X profile URL just below this button For example, the ManyVids X URL is
  5. Scroll down and click "Save"
    Make sure to add and save your X URL before clicking the "Link X" button!
  6. When that is saved, you can now click the <Link X account> button and enter your X login detail and click <Authorize app>. Your X is now linked!

To further customize your auto-posts:

  1. Go to your drop-down menu 
  2. Marketing Tools 
  3. MV Promo Blaster 

There you will see the different frequency options for how often you want your sales to be auto-posted!

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