What is my MV Store?

On your MV Profile you will find four tabs:

  1. Vids
  2. Store
  3. Custom
  4. Club

The vids tab is where you will find all of the vids you’ve uploaded on your MV Profile for members to enjoy. The items section is a personalized online storefront where you can sell just about anything you want. It’s a great resource for generating revenue through selling physical items like clothing and collector’s items or digital items like photosets and more! Custom is where Members can purchase custom content, while Clubs handles your socials and exclusive Club subscriptions. 

What can I sell through my MV Store? 

It’s all up to you! Have fun with it and get some amazing items out to the fans who love you and everything connected to you. Some examples of what Creators like to sell include clothing, signed photographs, intimate keepsakes, footwear, self-published books, props from vids, collectors’ items, autographed items - you name it! 

Another thing that Creators do to help with store sales are set up store items for gifts/tributes! For example, you can upload a photo of your fav drink from Creatorbucks and call it “Buy Me A Drink” and if a member wants to spoil you, they can purchase your store item knowing you’ll use the funds for that treat! 

If you want to better understand how to sell you physical and digital store items, we have an MVU class just for you! Check out MVU Episode 11, to learn how you can run your MV Store, increase your revenues and  improve your brand.

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