How do I add/edit the topic for my Live room?

The topic of your Live room is a small blurb at the top of your room to let visiting members know your mood, your goals, your deals, what you will be performing... basically anything you like!  Your Room Topic is essential in helping you have an exciting Live show, so it is very important that you set an original and sexy Room Topic.

So, go on and tease the MV Members about what they can expect! It's also a great way to promote any new content, sales, or promos.

To add your topic

  • Click Edit next to Room topic
  • Enter your "room topic" (150-character limit) 
  • Click APPLY

Need to edit your topic? 

You can change the Room Topic as often as you'd like, even during your live session. Click <Edit>, change your text and hit APPLY at any point to edit your room topic to fit your show. 


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