How do I report a Member or Creator for abuse/ harassment?

Here at MV, we always want you to feel safe and comfortable. If you are ever exposed to behaviour from a member or Creator that you feel is abusive, harassing or in any way goes against our Terms & Conditions, we’re here to help!

Our first suggestion would be to block the member or Creator. You can do this from the offending users profile by clicking the 3-dots in the top right and selecting <Block>, or by going to your drop-down menu > Security Center. Find the section named “Blocked Members / Creators” and click “View” to the right and enter the username of the user you wish to block and hit <Block>.

If you want to report this behaviour to us in MV Support, we ask that you take screenshots of any messages or emails that show the abuse/harassment and send them to us directly at so we can refer to the users account and take the appropriate action. You can also use our report tool.

If this situation is causing you any undue emotional distress, if you’re feeling lonely, stressed or having suicidal thoughts, we have teamed up with Pineapple Support, a free support and therapy service for all persons working in the online adult industry. They operate 24/7 so go to and get into contact with someone who is there to listen judgement free and offer their support!

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